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Every candidate is a committee, every elected official is answering to some creditor. Donald Trump is effectively an ill-fitting suit being worn by the Heritage Foundation and a collection of white nationalists. So what Gravel gestures at, successfully or not, is trying to turn popular, robustly democratic mass movements into the people inside the suit.

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  5. The nesting doll is really what all campaigns are—a collection of people, coming together Transformers-style to create a candidate. I remember being struck by it at the time, and a little put off.

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    It was that infrastructure that helped, directly and indirectly, to support the candidacies of an exciting new class of progressive Democrats, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , Rashida Tlaib , and Ilhan Omar. The campaign then—and its broader ambitions—is a group effort that requires much more than just the presidency to accomplish.

    Bernie Sanders is Bernie Sanders, but the Sanders campaign—the one that actually transformed the Democratic Party—was a product of agitation from the Movement for Black Lives, socialist feminists, and others on the left. The younger people working on his campaign staff, the volunteers driving his grassroots base, made him —and are making him —the candidate he currently is.

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    Presidents, like most politicians, do see themselves as the product of and accountable to certain people and movements. And so Mike Gravel, at home in California, is part real person and part avatar for Oks and Williams, who are versed and drawing from the accumulated left movements and ideas now taking their tentative and well-deserved place on a national stage.

    It is true that in our inglorious past our U. Constitution didn't allow blacks until the 15th Amendment in and then the Voting Rights Act of or women until the 19th Amendment in to participate in our political democracy. Although no one from either group has yet become chief executive, each has made significant inroads into our political system.

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    I am quite certain that we will see an African-American or a female president in the not so distant future. Presidents Were Teenagers Too. Benny Wasserman. Harry S Truman Teased for his thick eyeglasses and ealled a sistgr.

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    William Clinton Played saxophone in a jazz trio. After spending two years in the U. Army he attended a technical trade school in Los Angeles. He spent the next 34 years in the Aerospace Industry as an electronic engineer working on communication space satellites.

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