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You are a true tribute to the club and yourself as your dedication for FCK and its players is extreme. I am happy there are people and supporters like you, my small gift to you was a too little thank you from that. My best wishes. Posted by: Andi a. Good luck for the rest of your career! I hope the best for you and FCK too. I like you you are a crazy and nice boy : See you my Friend : bye bye Ricky. My reply: Hoi Ricky, Keep the camera ready as we will see soon again my friend. Posted by: Anthony anthonycasha68 hotmail. My question is, your clearly a Legend with the Palace faithful, so will you please come and join us in the Holmesdale next season, for one game?

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Posted by: Sean seanchewie hotmail. But onto the question. How different has the change been for you in your style of play from the English game to the German game? And do you miss the English pace of the game? My reply: Dear Sean, I have felt that the pace of the game is pretty much the same but yet English game is much more physical as there are and is allowed more tackling and flow of the game. All players in Germany are good all-round players who play pretty safe game, which is very different to England where you play to your strengths quite bravely which I like.

Have you became drugs before the laste game vs. Mail Back. My reply: Hello kajo and eddy, no drugs needed as it helps that i am playing fully fit now.

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Posted by: Sam Norman samcnorman gmail. Now reading your website and your recent interview in Palace Echo, it feels as if you never left, although obviously your impact on the pitch has definitely been missed. It seems for both Palace and yourself that this has been a season of regrets and and missed opportunities. And this is where I get to the crux of the issue. As someone who used to spend a lot of time in Germany, I even missed the playoff final by being in Munich, as I was in a relationship with a German girl, I have been devastated that you haven't had the opportunity to play against Unterhaching and aid their relegation.

See The girl I mentioned is an avid Unterhaching fan, who demanded I visit her that wonderful weekend you spent in Cardiff. So I am asking for you to do all that you can to relegate them! Oh well maybe I shouldn't be so bitter and resentful - I am now engaged to be married to a fantastic Palace supporter and can't wait for the big day.

Anyway best of luck for the rest of the season, and the future. We are planing on checking out your cafe in Soho. Good luck and all the best! Sometimes these years will mean a brighter future though so I look at it as a challenge. Good to hear you are well and happy now, my best wishes to your big day and all days with Palace. I knew, you would score this season :- I hope, you will play in Kaiserslautern next season, too!

Greetings Andi. Posted by: Ben Richards aj-br hotmail.

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  5. What was your best goal??? Best of luck with the future. My reply: Hi Ben, I always thought the last minute winning header against Barnsley was a good one as the one against Fulham, but people tend to like Wimbledon or Arsenal goals more.

    I had so many great moments but it is hard to beat the play-off final in Cardiff, it was such a good day for such a many good people. I'm gutted i never got to meet you, my dad did, i think he bumped into you a couple of times at new beckenham station fat guy with crutches and a palace tie. My reply: hey physh, i used to change to tram at new beckenham on my way to training Posted by: vinetto ive netti.

    Columbus Revisited by Aarre Lehtonen 2011

    Eilen oltaisiin tarvittu sun panostuksia! I'm just being curious, what has been the best thing that has happened to you so far? Well, anyways, keep on rocking mate! Posted by: Sarkku narsil suomi My reply: I am a great believer that mind is our most important weapon. For me it is a long process for every game.

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    Already during the week I start to think the coming game, opponent and my role. I use lot of visual training, self-hypnosis and relaxation, plus watching high performance dvd:s. On a day of the game, I just keep to myself and prepare my body and mind to be ready for everything so there wont come any unknown elements. Last thing I do before I enter the stadium is listening my game song now Lose Yourself by Eminem in the car really loud and let the all the energy flow. So when I enter the stadium I am already relaxed because I know I have done all the possible preparation well and can just enjoy performing now.

    How are you? I read on my English book that you are going to write a book? Is that true? My reply: I have already written a book HJK Mestarienliigassa and there will be more to come when the time is right. Do you write poems? Because,our english book English United ,has chapter of you and there is said that you write poems,too. That it is cool that we have so good player from Finland! Good Luck For Future! My reply: I do write poems too sometimes, but often they tend to rather be sarcastic xmas wording instead of traditionally beautiful poems.

    Niin ja meinasin sanoo Rikulle et kertoo sulle terkkuja mutta se ehti kadota jonnekin. My reply: Heippsan ja kiitos terkuista. Terkut takaisin. Posted by: benja pallechi benjapallechi hotmail. I just want to know if you have visited uruguay sometime if not you must come and how much do you know about uruguay.. Posted by: atte atzku23 hotmail. Posted by: Dave david. We have met lots of famous people, footballers included and bothered them for an autograph. So far you are the only one who has taken the time to actually talk to us! Thanks by the way! My reply: First of all, I am not famous and barely a footballer.

    Secondly, I enjoy talking to people. Posted by: Mark Brown marksarahkids aol. What are you upto now. We here you have returned to Finland. My reply: Mark, how could I ever forget the table 22 that virtually made the promotion for Palace ; Hope you are well and happy, welcome to watch our games here in Germany, the full match program will be found in www. Posted by: Jusapusa jpietika cc. Keep on giong. There are a lot of FCK Fans waiting for you to come back. Please can you keep us posted with the progress of your "comming back"? My reply: Thanks, I am currently one week from full fitness so hopefully I can help the team soon.

    Posted by: Liam lgirard du. Posted by: Rune bjugan epost. Posted by: lesley quaintance donald. My reply: Hi the greatest ever Lesley, good to hear from you.. What shirt???

    Guide JUMALAN SANAN TOTUUTTA (Finnish Edition)

    I checked from club office too but they claim that no packet has arrived to me, damn. However, I am very pleased to hear you are getting married, congratulations, I am so happy for you. Wow, it is an honor to be involved in you wedding, this could also actually be closest I ever get to marriage. My best wishes to you and your special day, you get my blessing and warmest thoughts. Posted by: Mareetta mareetta. Joko saksan kieli sujuu? My reply: Alles ist sehr gut aber nicht Deutch sprechen.

    Joten eikun saippuoopperoiden pariin, der bold und die beautiful it will be then. Posted by: Katri katuvisk cc. My reply: Hei Katri!