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Startup Patterns - Emerging Leaders Master Class

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Democratic/ participative leadership (advantages, disadvantages, suitability) class 12

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What is Agile?

Teach Class Presidencies to be Successful in Their Callings

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How good are you at briefing a pm? How good are you at starting a project?

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  • Freer Markets within the USA: Tax changes that make trade freer within the USA. Phasing-out supply-side subsidies and leveling the playing field for the working person..
  • Class Leaders - Loyalist College Student Government?

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How School Leaders Can Create a New Class

Roster for Class To see rosters from previous classes visit the alumni database on the Alumni Directory page. During these day-long sessions, participants have the opportunity to visit facilities across the community, to meet and interact with community and state leaders, to study community issues, and to decide how they will work to make the area a better place to live.

A key objective of Leadership Tomorrow is to provide a foundation for class members to identify their goals and to prepare and motivate them to help shape the future of Hall County. In addition, class members have the opportunity to interact more informally with community leaders during small group focus luncheons.

Partial scholarships are available to those who show need.