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The most common cause, however, is rejection: the rejection of a marriage proposal, rejection of advances or merely a rejection of acknowledgment from the victim towards her or his perpetrator. She spared him at the last minute from being blinded too as punishment for his crime. According to Iyer, the society creates further divide when it places women in the ranks of goddesses or says it considers them as such, but then turns a blind eye to the ordeal of millions of women out there.

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A boy is favorable in comparison to a girl, thus ingraining a superiority complex in men. It took India another two years to approve a similar law related to acid attacks in April This came following the December gang-rape of a Delhi medical student in a moving bus. While more women are reporting their attacks, some are still holding back because they are often related to the survivors, or in fear of retribution or because they feel ashamed. In addition, the presumably ineffective legal framework means that victims often drop their cases because of delayed justice.

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As well, it is important for the patriarchal mind-set to change to reduce crimes against women. She had attempted suicide following her attack, but she now runs a beauty salon. Clients come and they say I want a look like this or a look like that and I do it for them…but once they remove their makeup, they will be back to how they were. But what you are on the inside will be the same today, tomorrow and forever.

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Beyond the Scars

Website Comments. Newsletter Name. Stay Connected Follow newsweekme Follow fb. Camp Beyond the Scars provides daily supportive activities that help each camper build resiliency, self-confidence and learn how to overcome the emotional and physical hardships they face as a result of their burn trauma.

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There were a number of new campers this year, some who had never seen another child with a burn scar. Camp allowed them to understand that they are not alone in their healing journey. We would like to give a special thank you to all of the camp counselors and staff who volunteered their time to help out with this special program.

Many whom are off-duty fire service personnel and adult burn survivors who uniquely understand the needs of this population.

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