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We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Sign in. All Football. By Ellie Cambridge. Glastonbury revellers strip off as festival bakes in scorching 30C heatwave. Gareth Powell, who was then the joint managing director of Mayflower Books, told reporters that the book was 'the most famous banned book in the country'. Her paramour sat down by her: he seemed to be a man of very few words, and a great stomach; for proceeding instantly to essentials, he gave her some hearty smacks, and thrusting his hands into her breasts, disengag'd them from her stays, in scorn of whose confinement they broke loose, and swagged down, navel-low at least.

A more enormous pair did my eyes never behold, nor of a worse colour, flagging-soft, and most lovingly contiguous: yet such as they were, this neck-beef eater seem'd to paw them with a most uninvitable gust, seeking in vain to confine or cover one of them with a hand scarce less than a shoulder of mutton. After toying with them thus some time, as if they had been worth it, he laid her down pretty briskly, and canting up her petticoats, made barely a mask of them to her broad red face, that blush'd with nothing but brandy.

But he felt the climate had changed enough and the 'public are ready for it'. However, he escaped punishment by pleading poverty. Seven years later, a bookseller was put in a pillory for publishing it and, also in the s, a judge banned the book in New York. However, the New York Supreme Court later ruled it was not obscene.

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Mr Spencer added: 'They called it the Swinging 60s but clearly erotic literature like this was viewed as too obscene to be seen by the masses half a century ago. It demonstrates just how much times have changed. He said: 'I have put a modest estimate on this book but the novelty factor could make it highly sought after.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Kinks to the past! Copy of erotic tale about fictional prostitute Fanny Hill that was banned until only is unearthed at auction house Fanny Hill is the tale of a young girl's sexual exploits written in 18th century It was infamous for its racy content and censorship was only lifted in Copy of book from has been unearthed and will go under the hammer It will be sold on Tuesday next week at Hansons Auctioneers in Derbyshire By Mark Duell for MailOnline Published: GMT, 14 January Updated: GMT, 14 January e-mail 22 shares.

Share this article Share. An except from Fanny Hill by John Cleland Her paramour sat down by her: he seemed to be a man of very few words, and a great stomach; for proceeding instantly to essentials, he gave her some hearty smacks, and thrusting his hands into her breasts, disengag'd them from her stays, in scorn of whose confinement they broke loose, and swagged down, navel-low at least. Share or comment on this article: Copy of Fanny Hill dating back to is unearthed at auction house e-mail Comments 59 Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.

Here's how to unlock the surprise value in your wardrobe Ad Feature. Kim Kardashian plug their own projects I'm hiding at the ONE place they'll never look! Whoopi Goldberg rings in her 64th birthday with a raucous party at NYC club joined by Tiffany Haddish Cardi B is every bit the loving mother as she cradles Kulture while answering 73 questions for Vogue This is definitely the better half, and makes interesting reading alongside other C18th novels such as Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded and Clarissa, or, the History of a Young Lady.

Fanny isn't extraordinarily beautiful, she is economically-disadvantaged yet is given some agency, something figured by the way in which she is the owner of a gaze which dwells lasciviously on the physical charms of her male lovers, putting them into the position of being looked at in a way which is usually reserved for women. The second half is actually duller unless you're reading this merely as a piece of 'pornography' in which case it's definitely more inventive!

What makes this such a scandalous novel is the ending: view spoiler [ rather than being castigated and punished, Fanny triumphs - she inherits a fortune from one of her clients, and is happily reunited with Charles, her lost love, and ends up with an unexpectedly happy-ever-after ending, married to the only man she's always loved and deliriously happy! It just would have been nice if there'd been a bit more story and fewer encounters with yet another massive penis in part two!

Mar 23, Jennifer rated it liked it Recommends it for: classic erotica buffs.

Fanny Hill (1983)

Shelves: classics , porn. I had no idea when I read this that people could be so naughty "back then". I am thinking I wouldn't even blink at the book now and would probably grumble at the lack of plot - but when I was a teen and I read this - it was shocking and kind of funny. Jan 24, Grace Harwood rated it really liked it. Oh my Goodness, I find it so hard to believe that this book came out of the same century as the works of Mrs Radcliffe!! I could hardly believe what I was reading as something which came out just a few decades earlier than those Radcliffean novels of sensibility and refined heroines.

Fanny Hill is anything but refined.

See a Problem?

From Radcliffe you will get elongated descriptions of scenery which will elevate your soul - from this you get elongated descriptions of something else I read Oh my Goodness, I find it so hard to believe that this book came out of the same century as the works of Mrs Radcliffe!!

I read the Penguin Popular Classics edition and like all eighteenth century texts, it takes a few pages to "get your ear in tune" and start decoding the flowery language, but once you get past that, well I was shocked and amused in equal measure. I think the one thing you can say about this book, is that you can definitely tell that it was written by a man with a male perspective of women and sex.

What woman in her right mind would say of herself: "Violent passions seldom last long, and those of women least of any. Once you get past the many and frequent descriptions of male and female genitalia and various sexual adventures, this is an interesting book if you are a student of the 18th Century. There's commentary on degeneration of the species in here " I worried about her at the end when she offered her fortune to her returned first lover - life in the eighteenth century was so precarious she could so easily have fallen foul of that.

However, it seems that he was an honourable man after all and a happy ending was on the cards for her. Like other reviewers, I couldn't help thinking about disease and the threat of violence which must have been far more prevalent than the blithe Fanny relates in her tale. Also, I couldn't help thinking about Mrs Radcliffe, particularly when I read on two occasions in the book of the women " This is a vastly entertaining book. I've never read those fifty shades books but I'm told that the quality of writing is terrible.

However, in here there is a bit of everything: straight sex, gay sex, voyeurism, orgies, sado-masochism AND it's well-written. This is what happens when you read too much Alan Moore. I actually enjoyed this story more than I thought. I wasn't really sure what to expect, it's porn after all. I liked the disruptions though. Some of them read liked a regular novel and some most the sex scenes got overly ridiculous which made the book fun. Most of this was dated though. I'll give it slack for being one of the earliest erotica novels in English. Nov 13, Sarah Jacquie rated it it was amazing Shelves: erotic , romance.

Controversial books written before America was even a country I'm in. Not big on romance, and I definitely don't read erotica. I went in thinking this would be amusingly tame and innocent, something like Moll Flanders or Vanity Fair with an R rating a bit ahead of it's time. This book is one of many that were able to to see the light of day legally, and I've found I've enjoyed most of these so far.

Fanny Hill

Except this one. This is the first where I felt there was no purpose except for a man who wanted to write a long winded fantasy as a woman.

From there, he gives a misogynistic perspective about loss of virginity, easy women, and basically painfully drawn out sex scenes. Which is totally okay if that is your thing! I'm not judging. And at times funny. If there is anything about this book I did like, it was the description of anatomy and certain acts.

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Maypoles will never be the same. I read a few passages out loud to my boyfriend and mum, who both laughed with me. I was a bit frowny at parts because the author writes from the perspective s of women enjoying a man taking advantage of them when they put up a fight um, its rape period but the men giving them such "pleasure" makes the deflowering act forgivable and the woman forever fond of her rapist.

Hence, the main character's exploits all take place in an upscale brothel. I saw the book to the end. Wouldn't do it again. Historically amusing, came away with some vocabulary for 18th century anatomy. I'm lazy.

Fanny Hill and Thomas’s Broadside Ballads · Isaiah Thomas Broadside Ballads Project

This is just some well written porn. That's it. There was no plot, no story whatsoever, just a main character who fell in love with a different man every couple of pages and a lot, I mean a lot, of sex. I actually skipped some of the sex parts, because they got too repetitive and boring after a while.

Nothing really happens in this book and I was a bit disappointed by that.

I was actually quite excited to read this because of how controversial it was when it firs This is just some well written porn. I was actually quite excited to read this because of how controversial it was when it first came out all those years ago, and I live for controversial books.

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I was expecting an intriguing story, but all I got was freaking porn. I read it super quickly though, which I guess is a plus. Jun 19, Daniel Namie rated it really liked it. Granted the first pages are nothing other than pure erotic ecstasy, but like the novelty of a new porn, the lust starts to fade and the yearning for the end become mildly impatience.

Besides from my impatience as a reader, the content gave insightful perspective in the mind of a highly sexual woman. Fanny Hill, a woman who was extremely progressive for her time, learned the power she held over men and the power men held over her. She was a woman who listened to her conscious. Who engaged and satisfied her sexual appetite and pleased her partner. Fanny Hill looked upon sex as an art to learn, to be educated by, to practice freely and openly. Sex to Fanny Hill was an intimate act, of not only self-discovery, but of self-expression.

I commend Fanny Hill for her art and for expressing her high limbo tastefully and applicably.