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Mena Goddess of menstruation. Mens Goddess of the mind and consciousness. Her festival is May 8.

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Messor God of agriculture and mowing. Moneta Goddess of prosperity. Mors God of death. Morta Goddess of death and one of the three Parcae. Muta Goddess of silence. Mutinus Mutunus God of fertility. Naenia Goddess of funerals. Necessitas Goddess of destiny. Nemestrinus God of the woods.

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Nona Goddess of pregnancy. Nox Personification of the night. Nundina Goddess of the ninth day, on which the newborn child was given a name. Obarator God of ploughing.

Occator God of harrowing. Orbona Goddess of parents who lost their children. Orcus God of death and the underworld. Also a god of oaths and punisher of perjurers. Pales Goddess of shepherds and flocks.

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Her festival was the Palilia, on April Parcae Goddesses of fate. The Goddesses Nona, Morta and Decima make up the group. The three Parcae are also called Tria Fata. Pax Goddess of peace.

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Her festivals are January 3 and 30 and July 4. Penates Gods of the storeroom and the household. Picus God of agriculture. Pietas Goddess of piety. Poena Goddess of punishment. Pomona Goddess of fruit trees and orchards. Portunes God of ports and harbors. He is the guardian of storehouses and locked doors. The Portunalia were observed on August Porus God of plenty.

Postverta Goddess of the past.

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Potina Goddess of children's drinks. Priapus God of gardens, viniculture, sailors and fishermen. Prorsa Postverta Goddess of women in labor. Providentia Goddess of forethought. Pudicitia Goddess of modesty and chastity. Puta Goddess of the pruning of vines and trees. Quirinus Old Sabine god with mysterious origins. Became very important as a figure of the state.

His festival, the Quirinalia, was celebrated on February Quiritis Goddess of motherhood. Robigo Goddess of corn. Robigus God who protected corn from diseases. His festival, the Robigalia, took place on April Roma Personified Goddess of the City of Rome. Rumina Goddess of nursing mothers. Sancus God of oaths and good faith. Saritor God of weeding and hoeing. Securitas Goddess of security and stability. Semonia Goddess of sowing. Sors God of luck. Spes Goddess of hope.

Stata Mater Goddess who guards against fires. Stimula Goddess who incites passion in women. Strenua Goddess of strength and vigor. Suadela Goddess of persuasion, especially in matters of love.

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Just yesterday I was on youtube looking for the old trailers of the movies, and I saw a lot of hate comments. A ton of people were annoyed and very disturbed by the video and asking for the creators to take it down. And my last reason on why I am disappointed, people who have seen the movie and think it was terrible do not want to read the books! They think it will give the same annoying story they had while watching it.

Thank you for letting me state my facts and reasons Also I recommend the books! And, Annabeth hair is brown. The movies are horrible, but I guess they could be worse. I made an update.

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I just added the Magnus Chase series and the companion books. I remember reading about that a while ago. Thanks a lot.. Umma die-hard fan of Rick with respect to books.. I love Percy…soooooo much.. Quick question. You should read it! I also think this website was very helpful. Speaking of books in order, always read any serie of Books in order, no matter what.