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Per sciogliere i nodi oppure osservarli con chiarezza maggiore. La lettura, allora, e i suoi numeri. In linea con il proposito della presente rubrica, in questo numero di Knots si analizza un libro International School of Philosophy. Summer School on Ontology - Summer School in Ontology - Our school valorises the unavoidable pursuit of ontology, foregrounding the debate on this classical philosophical question. We do not intend to endorse one particular approach to ontology; on the contrary we have attempted to gather what we consider to be the most interesting philosophical perspectives of our time.

We do not intend to endorse one particular idea of ontology; on the contrary we have attempted to gather what we consider to be the most interesting philosophical perspectives of our time. We offer a cutting edge and high-quality programme, aimed at fostering a rich and lively intellectual exchange.

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Marco Piasentier and Andrea Soardo. La differenza minima. Psicoanalisi e filosofia. A meno di un mese di distanza dalla pubblicazione del suo ultimo libro What is sex? MIT Press , In questa intervista, che la filosofa e teorica della psicoanalisi slovena ha gentilmente concesso alla nostra rubrica, si affrontano, in chiave psicoanalitica, questioni centrali nel dibattito filosofico contemporaneo quali gli studi di genere, la biopolitica e i nuovi realismi.

Interview with Roberto Esposito.

Quale filosofia per l'Europa? Interview with Catherine Malabou. Ancora unidici tesi sul materialismo'. Chomsky e S. Almanacco di filosofia, MicroMega, vol. Italian Biopolitical Theory.

  • Fifty-Eight Days in the Cajundome Shelter;
  • L’Empreinte des Choses Brisées (French Edition).
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Immanence and Subectivity. According to the Italian philosopher Roberto Esposito, the specificity of current Italian theory The record-breaking simulated mission to Mars has ended with smiling faces after 17 months. Italy took part to the project. Read more….

Scientists have long searched for a method to objectively measure chronic pain and a new study from Brigham and Women's Hospital advances that effort. The study appears in the January print edition of the journal Pain. An italian researcher, Marco Loggia, is the lead author of the study. Filonzi, 11 - Ancona.

The country which cherishes soccer and the pursuit of excellence on the playing field — writes Procesi at the end of his mathematical journey— is unable to make the soccer excellence template work in the academic and research arena. Scientists have been marginalized— the field taken over by politics and fiefdoms: the young Italian scientists will have a hard game to play— good luck to them all!

A new study, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation in November, traces hypertension to a newfound cellular source in the brain and shows that treatments targeting this area can reverse the disease. According to a report , Gelmini believes she can get things done by Summer. Not everybody shares her view:. The list will be closed after we reach maximum availability. Romano Prodi cleverly turned a question he was asked -- "is Europe a Laboratory or a Museum? Much has changed since Kissinger's "When I want to call Europe, I cannot find a phone number" question.

Yet dialing Europe, suggested Prodi, may still be a problem, at least in light of recent international events. He took part to an important research published on Nature. Discovery of New Neurological Networks. July 6, : The human nervous system provides extremely energy efficient, highly complex realization and control of how we sense and think.

For machines designed by humans, the ideas of energy efficiency and complexity are at odds, thus the question of how the nervous system really works has received intense scrutiny for decades. Researchers at the University of South Florida under the direction of Dr. Sal Morgera have discovered a sophisticated electric near-field generated in an energy efficient, natural manner by our millions of nerve fibers.

Part of this graphic courtesy of www. On the left-half of the graphic is the human connectome shown as a tractographic map of the nerve fiber connections in the human brain. This mapping of anatomical connections is the fixed network of the brain. It is well known that this fixed brain network is not entirely successful in explaining brain function, especially for cognitive tasks. On the right-half of the graphic are blowups showing neurons in two representative regions of the brain.

The discovery is the presence of an electric near-field between these neurons, or neuronal groups, a point illustrated by the red spherical waves.


These near-field waves communicate action potential activity and fine details of their respective regions in a bi-directional manner. This creates a wireless connection, as shown by the red loop across these brain regions in the left-half of the graphic.

Thus, the brain consists of a fixed network augmented by a wireless network which helps to explain how physically disparate regions of the brain connect so quickly during the execution of cognitive tasks. Photo: Stockphoto. A futuristic look at this area which is just gaining traction in the realm of clinical medicine is to have minimally invasive devices for diagnosis and treatment that are individually programmed and adaptable to change.

These devices may function with USB-like software delivered to an implanted device as shown in the graphic above or by other means, but what is certain is that the effect and impact on meeting societal needs will indeed be powerful.

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The University of South Florida is a high-impact, global research university dedicated to student success. USF is a Top 50 research university among both public and private institutions nationwide in both federal research expenditures and total research expenditures, according to the National Science Foundation.

Che cosa sono le neuroscienze cognitive

La Fondazione Monte dei Paschi ha erogato 7. Anna; alcuni progetti di ricerca scientifica promossi dall'Ateneo pisano, fiorentino e senese. Il finanziamento della Fondazione MPS deriva degli utili del Bilancio ed e' stato approvato il 17 novembre Follow the event on Twitter issnaf. Click here for the full presentation. A small last minute failure briefly raised fears of a new delay.

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We are working on the Issnaf website and database, testing for increased security and performances. We apologize since some features, such as map search or members logon, could be not available. We will post a new message here as soos as the website will be fully functional again. All feature are functional now. In a study examining a rare and deadly brain infection, scientists have found that the brain cells of healthy people likely produce their own immune system molecules, demonstrating an "intrinsic immunity" that is crucial for stopping an infection.

Giorgio Island -- into a multidisciplinary area, whose most prominent feature, particularly for scholars interested in the study of Italian culture, is the Giorgio Cini Foundation library space. Twelve fellows will be selected on the basis of projects they submit. The winners will have the opportunity to work in Venice, for a very small amount of money. Twelve scholarships are available for young students wishing to attend the Vittore Branca Center for a six-month period, from June to May However, from an article recently published in Italy, it appears that the Fondazione Cini has an even more ambitious plan of expansion for the fellowship program.

If you are interested in applying for a fellowship to the Center, click here. To read the complete list of winners click here. The Capasso's lab innovation opens the door to a wide range of applications in photonics and communications. Selective targeting of the neurotransmitter that differentially affects brain cells that control the two distinct functions of the pancreas may allow for new medication therapies for conditions such as diabetes, dyspepsia and gastro-esophageal reflux, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers.