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James Elam and Dr. Peter Safar went on to invent mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Physicians were trained with close-chest message and that became the beginnings CPR training. Other notable CPR history includes:.

The sooner an AED is used the more likely it will work. What is CPR Certification? CPR techniques for healthcare workers are slightly different than those for community rescuers. CPR is taught by a certified instructor using lecture, demonstration and video examples to convey the necessary skills. Blended learning courses where students do the classroom portion online then meet with an instructor to practice and test are an available option to traditional classroom-based courses.

Practice on a CPR manikin is required for certification. At the end of a certification course students must pass a written exam and a skills test in order to receive a certification card. CPR certification is usually valid for 2 years before it expires.

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CPR is really easy to learn. To get certified in CPR contact a national training agency to locate and schedule a class with an instructor in your area. Nationally recognized training agencies who certify Instructors to teach CPR include:. The typical CPR course is about 4 hours long and requires skills practice as well as successful written and skills testing in order to receive certification.

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Today, CPR guidelines come from a wealth of international resources. A bi-annual conference of CPR-related authorities is held to gather and review research in order to identify what works to improve cardiac arrest outcomes. Every five years guidelines are updated with the most favorable research and science is developed into new teaching materials and techniques for rescuers. The guideline changes in were based on the more CPR-related data that at any other period in history.

In the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation ILCOR was formed to provide a forum for communication between principal resuscitation organizations worldwide. It is very physical work to pump on the chest, but the hardest part is remaining calm in the face of an emergency. The basic CPR steps include:. Assess the scene for safety. Hey, are you okay? If you are alone with an adult victim, you will need to go call , get the AED and come right back. If you are alone with a child or infant you will provide CPR for 2 minutes before leaving to call During that time yell for help; if bystanders do come then send them to call If you are alone after two minutes and there is no suspected injury, carry the child or infant to the phone to call If injury is suspected, go get the phone, call and quickly return to the child.

For adults, look for normal breathing gasping or irregular breathing is not normal ; for a child look for any breathing. If there is no normal breathing for an adult or no breathing for a child or infant after seconds then start CPR beginning with chest compressions. There is no pulse check for workplace or community rescuers.

Compressions: Provide 30 compressions Compressions need to be hard and fast. The victim needs to be on a firm flat surface.

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Use the following techniques:. Quickly tilt the head and lift the chin to open the airway. When a victim is unresponsive and flat on his back, the tongue falls into the back of the throat and blocks the airway. Break the seal and repeat the process for a second breath. How Maximus works is that you have three bands Low, Mid, High where you can set the frequency range for each, and then also a single band master compressor on the effect.

This gives you added control over your audio through the frequency range, plus you can gel the bands together with the single band master compressor. So decide where you want the band splits to be by soloing each band and then moving over to the right view to adjust the frequency amount. And then you can see the result of the compression on each band by switching to the monitor view. So tailor the amount of gain for each band, plus the Attack and release times.

What I find really cool is that you can even draw in unique threshold curves in the graph. I like to apply a harder compression on the Low band and increase this slightly. Then I apply slightly less compression to the Mid band. And then for the High band, I don't apply compression, just gain for a bit more high-end detail in the track.

With the Master band, you use this as a single band compressor to gel all the bands together. Just apply a subtle compression here to help even out the compression on the track. With Maximus, you can also add in some slight saturation per band, also known as harmonic exciting. With the threshold, you have two modes: Mode A or Mode B: and you can choose what percentage of the mode you want to add by moving the dial left or right from the center.

After the multiband compression, you might want to make some EQ adjustments. If so, then add another Fruity Parametric EQ2.

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I sometimes find a slightly high EQ boost can help bring back some of the high-end detail that got removed through the compression. So only use this if you find you need to do some EQ adjustments after the compression. What also helps to gel the elements together and give your track a sense of a space that it belongs in is to add some reverb. You can either use the algorithmic Fruity Reeverb2, or the convolution Fruity Convolver reverb if you want to use a real space. Less is more here. Too much and the song will become muddy. The last effect to add to your mastering chain is the Fruity Limiter.

This will maximize the perceived volume of the whole mix, plus help prevent any clipping on your master output. Set the output to Then when you go to a different song, you can navigate to the same menu and choose open Mixer state. This loads your master output state to the new song. You can also drag and drop these presets from the browser onto the master output channel.

8 Essential Tips for Mastering in FL Studio :

Choose your format. Probably the best is to choose a lossless format such as WAV. Then give the file a name and click save. A Rendering dialog box will launch. Expand the quality section, and make sure to enable Dithering and HQ High Quality for all plugins to get the best audio results. Those are a few handy techniques to use to get the best out of mastering your songs in FL Studio.

Try them out in your next mastering sessions. More articles by this author. Gary has been involved in the South African music industry for the decade, and in this time has also been involved in the sound design and music production for many advertising agencies and media houses. Gary is a devoted Logic and Ableton user, but he al Read More. Create an account or login to get started! Audio is your ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers.

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A NonLinear Educating Company. So you've mixed your latest production and it's time to master it? While mastering engineers are often the best option, if you want to master your own tracks in FL Studio here's 8 essential tips. Gary Hiebner More articles by this author. Related Videos. Discussion Juan. When mastering, do you apply the adjustments to the master in the mixer?