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I spent many years choosing my job based around the toilets, missed many outings, social opportunities, and was often totally dehydrated. Keep up the good work. My son has had a toilet phobia for the last 6 years. He has admitted to me that he is so scared to sit on the loo as it makes him sick and then he panics. As a family, the consequence of this has been that we have had to deal with constant soiling. Kids at school call him names and the teachers remove him from lesson when he smells.

He has only a few friends and hardly ever goes out. We have tried the NHS, the school nurse and the child psychologist and nothing has worked.

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We love him so much and just want him to enjoy his childhood and have a normal life. I suffered from shy bladder for almost 20 years and am finally over it, which feels great. A combination of self hypnosis and target setting worked for me. Use your self hypnosis to remind yourself of and to amplify your successes.

Never think about the setbacks. They are temporary. Good luck sufferers — you can cure yourself. I have suffered in silence for years over 20 thinking I was the only one in the world going through this. I have never told anyone for fear of ridicule. It started when I was 10 and a friend refused to let me use her loo. I wet myself and still feel sick with the embarrassment to this day. My fear is of being too far away from a loo. It has ruled every part of my life, from shopping to holidays and days out with my family. The panic attacks are crippling but again I suffer them in silence.

I have been suffering with the fear of urinating myself for 8 years now, I am 29, due to be 30 at the end of this year and I am determined to somehow beat this irrational fear by then so I can live my life again. Another fear I have is smelling of urine. Not only do I worry about the initial patch of wetness on my trousers but then once it has dried, I fear it will smell and everyone will comment.

I would really like to meet or hear from fellow toilet phobia sufferers. This is just one of the many phobias I have and which I am being treated for, however toilet phobia is the most debilitating of them all as it absolutely rules my life. My problem started seven years ago when after being under constant stress for 13 years looking after my father, I actually lost control of my bowels in the city one night when out with friends.

This traumatised me so much and the following week going back into the city I had my first panic attack on the freeway and had to find a toilet as soon as possible. I then started to not want to eat for fear of needing the toilet again. The toilet phobia has now progressed to me developing agoraphobia and also social phobia.

I have just downloaded the panic programme from this website which gave me a whole new strategy for dealing with the panic attacks. I tried it today and it actually worked so I will keep on implementing this until hopefully I can finally rid myself of this problem of always needing to know where the toilets are. My heart goes out to everyone who has been suffering with this problem.

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It started with simple worrying, which triggered agoraphobia, claustrophobia and panic attacks to the point where I start to black out. This is so debilitating but I just feel that I need to have control over it. I can barely last a whole day at college and am terrified of having a panic attack, going to the toilet or being sick in front of everyone.

I Never Met a Bathroom I Didn't Like

I have tried CBT, hypnotherapy, Reiki, counselling, homeopathic treatments, IBS drugs and antidepressants but so far nothing has worked. What should I do? I feel like I have tried absolutely everything in order to get better.

Mind over Bladder

I am completely lost and feel so alone. I thought it was just me. I hate using public toilets in restaurants or bars etc.

I never realised it was a phobia — I just try and avoid going away from home. I work away on business — and often wait until I reach my hotel room. Poor toilets and restricted access: Children are often locked out at lunchtimes due to lack of staffing no legal limit to playground supervision. This means they cannot freely use toilets. Are they lying?

Mind Over Bladder : I Never Met a Bathroom I Didn't Like! -

If there is a specified time then there will be a long queue. When you have to go, you have to go! Quote from the site: www. Some children have wet their pants because they were not allowed to go. I am a 30 year old woman and have felt like a little child and alone since I developed this condition. I had a baby and developed IBS.

This has resulted in me not wanting to go anywhere and when I do, I have such bad panic attacks and need to know that if I go anywhere that there is a toilet close by. Finding this website has made me realise that I am not alone. I started having panic attacks about a year ago due to not being around a toilet. In fact, it has started to control my life.

I panic about going on holiday and even the car journey to work. I was at one point taking about 12 imodium a day just to get out of the house. I am now down to about 6 but cannot take any less for fear of needing to go to the toilet and worrying about being out of control. I am however starting to notice the side effect of imodium but I am terrified of not having them on my person — I never go out without having at least 2 packs on me.

It came on when I started having a nervous stomach and IBS symptoms. Constantly having upset stomach made it embarrassing for me to use the toilet when people were around. My toilet phobia has restricted my life a lot. I have to personally know that no one is going to be around when I go to the toilet, which makes my life awkward.

The worst case was when I had upset stomach in the middle of the night and everyone was in bed. I made myself sit up all night holding it in with chronic pain and ended up being sick just because I was too scared to use the toilet when everyone was upstairs. Pardon the pun, but reading these pages on this website has been such a relief. I was coming home from a family day out 25 years ago when I needed the loo, so I jumped off the train and went into the loos at the station.

Eventually I had to shout for help — I was so ashamed. My family thought it was funny and nicknamed me tiddle-britches and all continued well until 10 years ago when I got stuck in a tunnel while on the tube and my fear was that we would be there for ages and I would need the loo. I have fear of being too far from a toilet at all times as my bowels tend to make their own mind up about when they want to empty! My major fear is actually not making it to a toilet in time.

I have been very close on a few occasions and hope that day never comes. I rarely go out, other than to work. Last time I did I ended up in tears at the table with all the other diners staring at me. John R. Michael Vernon. French Women Don't Get Facelifts. Mireille Guiliano.