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And so begins this sweeping, dramatic adventure for the women in the story.

Green Dolphin Street

It is Marianne who arrives aboard the ship The Green Dolphin, and William decides not to reveal his mistake And so begins the next, and biggest adventure of them all. The book is fiction but the author states in the note that it is based on fact. And in real life also the man held his tongue about his mistake and made a good job of his marriage.

The Convent of Notre Dame de Castel is also fictional but it it true that monks from Mont St Michel crossed the sea in their frail boats and founded a hermitage on the island of Guernsey. Le Cruex des Faies exists today and the footprints of the fairy Abbesses are still to be found imprinted on the rock. Marie — Tape Trout is still said to guide fisherman home.

Elizabeth Goudge actually never traveled to New Zealand and there is an apology for readers there for her mistakes she must have made in writing this novel. In fact, pretty much of the novel has been telescoped into the film, with a slight elaboration of a minor character and a noticeable switch at the end.

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Not until the fade-out is it determined that Marguerite will be a nun and that Marianne has finally got her fellow with "all the warmth and glory—all the passion—" of true love. But, long before that inevitability, it is obvious that "Green Dolphin Street" is just a glamorized illustration of a turgid adventure yarn, dressed up in stiff, expensive costumes and spangled with scenic effects.

And it is performed, under Victor Saville's direction, in a manner consistent with the type.

Green Dolphin Street Prison

Significantly, Lana Turner, who plays the arrogant sister in the piece, changes her costumes much more frequently than the expression on her immature face. And, despite earthquake, childbirth and bereavements, not to mention the passage of time, not a line mars her artificial radiance, not a gray hair appears in her head.

Donna Reed is similarly durable as the sister who grows sad and spiritual, and Van Heflin does a fine job of scowling as a fellow who loves Lana in vain. Richard Hart, as the weakling suitor, not only looks like Laurence Olivier but has so obviously aped the voice inflections and the mannerisms of that gentleman, that its a crime. Apparently he was so attentive to that accomplishment that he muffed the role.

But for all their hot air—and for all its propping—the picture is a dead weight, by and large. At Loew's Criterion. Marianne Patourel. Lana TurnerTimothy Haslam. Van HeflinMarguerite Patourel.

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First half C, second half Eb. As played by Eddie Gomez "Dedication". Reply With Quote.

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Join Date Oct Posts Join Date Jan Posts Hi Popokada. I downloaded the On Dolphin Street 4 chart, and I can't understand why you make that kind of chart Wouldn't it be better to set the player to play an n number of choruses, and add just the coda which is played only last time? Just curious