Manual Orígenes Clásicos del Personaje de Celestina (Spanish Edition)

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As noted above, the separation between questions and texts can lead to some flipping back and forth through the PDF.

That said, the overall flow of the text is great. The side-notes for difficult vocabulary make it easy for students to glance at a tough word without getting out of rhythm in their reading. Chronological presentation of writers makes sense and will match many of the survey courses for which a text like this will be used.

La Celestina

Image use is strong and helps to brighten up pages without overwhelming the text itself. Captions explain the image and connect it with the text, maintaining good flow while continuing to point out connections between literature and the arts.

The ending is somewhat abrupt, and a future edition could benefit from some sort of conclusion, coda or appendix of key terms introduced in the prologue and throughout the anthology. As mentioned above, the vocabulary glossing and use of images leads to great flow and an attractive interface.

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Having a searchable PDF is also very helpful when students are trying to remember a key passage or look for more instances of an archetype. The many connections to overarching cultural themes, particularly that of national identity, makes clear the relevance of Romanticism to students and lends itself to connections with other eras and literary movements. Perhaps my favorite instance of this is the inclusion of a number of still images from different adaptions of the Don Juan archetype in film.

Either way, it is an effective way to show that these ideas still have cultural relevancy. Reviewed by M.

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Se incluyen tanto principales autores como Se incluyen tanto principales autores como algunos no tan conocidos. El libro se puede adaptar a las necesidades de una clase como la que yo imparto, pues mi curso incluye otros periodos posteriores. En pocas ocasiones, la sintaxis es un poco confusa. Nada que objetar al respecto. Julia de Asensi es la segunda de las autoras en que me detengo.

Origenes Clasicos del Personaje de Celestina

Ya he indicado arriba que el libro de Sanders es una muy buena herramienta para acceder a algunos textos claves del s. It presents Romanticism in the context of nineteenth-century literary and social movements. It is designed as a first anthology for intermediate Spanish students at American universities.

Although brief, it includes poetry, drama in verse and short story. The works have been selected for their literary interest and the social importance of their themes.

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They are all by canonical authors. New for the Second Edition: over vocabulary, historical and cultural annotations to facilitate reading and comprehension. The Prologue and chapter introductions use circumlocution to facilitate comprehension, and include concrete examples of the concepts presented. Celestina A Novel. Be the first to write a review. Sorry, the book that you are looking for is not available right now.

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