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You do not have access to any existing collections. You may create a new collection. MLA Luscans, Bernard. APA Luscans, B. Chicago Luscans, Bernard. Parents: This work has no parents. Tweet Share. Master's Papers Deposit your masters paper, project or other capstone work. In fact, I believe this to be purely a stereotype.

And the problem with stereotypes is that even if they have no basis in reality, they tend to be hard to shake after they pass a certain threshold of social endorsement. This is why exposing every instance of counter-examples to these stereotypes, and giving them a voice is so important.

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So, to give you a bit of context, a young girl in high school asked a teacher friend of mine if she could be referred to someone knowledgeable on the topic of feminism and intersectionality. She then proceeded to correspond with me over a number of months, culminating in this series of questions. I thought the questions, as well as the answers could be of use to more than a brilliant teenage girl.

In fact, this is probably applicable to any woman who wants to make a difference in her world. So here is the final exchange. The answers provided here give a good introduction into the topic of Intersectionality. They stem from my academic standpoint, and are thus phrased in that way.

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I will in the future post more detailed answers for each section. Morality to most people sounds like an obvious topic. It goes without saying.

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You have an obligation to be your best self. A good person. That narrative is so prevalent in our society that it is a tension line in many of our portrayals, and it guides our self-reflection. How can I be a good person? This quote, taken from an article in the New Scientist could have been a direct quote from my life. I started my career in science with the aim of deconstructing deeply helfd beliefs about myself and my place in the world. During this process, I was faced with challenges upon challenges, most of which were due to a crucial lack of support.

This lack of support was both abused and heightened by the specific circumstances of academic surroundings. Our sexy society En ligne. Sexual orientation can be understood through three dimensions. A person is defined as being either heterosexual, homosexual , or bisexual if they have according behaviors, attractions and self-identification. Litterature usually implies that monosexuality is the norm,it is understood in the literature as the binary nature of orientation, and gender identities.

It ignores the possibility of a continuum, or other options outside the binary Falek, The literature focusing on bisexuality is less extensive. Bisexuality does not work very well in a monosexual framework. Bisexuality implies an incongruence between behavior and identity when the bisexual individual only has one partner Mint, Bisexuality seems to bring forward the question of the fluidity of our orientations.

It brings into the definition a fourth dimension: Time. Is what we are influenced by what we were? Although this notion is not new, Ericson being one of the first to bring forth the idea that we tend to try to have a continuity in our identities Dunkel, ; Erikson, , time in orientation is a rather revolutionary notion. It tends to break the understanding we have of orientation as fixed part of our identity. And therefore, it leaves some room for the queer suggestion that categories could be limitative Sullivan, The Lifespan Theory gives a good framework for understanding orientation as being a changeable fluid phenomenon, that can move over a lifetime.

The term Sexual fluidity arose to answer such questions, but it is still not defined with a consensus.

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The main author on the subject, Lisa Diamond, covers a big part of the notion with her research and reviews, but it seems that other terms have come up to try to answer the same questions. Within the same terms, several explanations, and definitions seem to appear and the literature may appear slightly scattered. In order to advance the field and get a wide view of what has been done on the subject, to answer the questions mentioned earlier, we will try with this review to summarize the position scholars have taken on sexual fluidity.

Op ed on the difficulty to react to rejection, and how to properly handle it in a feminist viewpoint. Elles ne manquent ni de bagout, ni d'humour, ni d'occasions de s'indigner. Que veut dire la notion de consentement enthousiaste? Le Devoir , juin 20, En ligne. Le Soleil , octobre 3, En ligne. Surtout, bien planifier. Penser que tel aliment devrait entrer dans tel contenant.

On part avec des pots vides, ils reviennent pleins. Le Placoteux Maurice Gagnon , novembre 11, En ligne. Paillettes Inc , novembre 30, En ligne.

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