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Last but not least white fish like cod or hake is very often fried or roasted and served as another choice. Poland has some funny communistic dishes that became part of the tradition and one of them is Greek style fish dish that has nothing to do with Greece.

Equipment you’ll need

White fish is fried and then roasted with grated rooted vegetables like carrot and parsley and tomato concentrate all those things were available during communism and served proudly on the Christmas table. Pierogi stuffed with wild mushroom or cabbage or a mix of both , fried with onion can please even the most sublime palate. Going with the cabbage theme, lots of families prepare cabbage cooked for hours with wild mushroom and a bit of sauerkraut for the right balance of flavours.

In different regions cabbage is cooked with peas. And if you are lucky you may even have a chance to try both.

Polish Borscht Recipe (Christmas) - Everyday Healthy Recipes

If you fancy something a bit sweeter you should try Kutia. Tradition Kutia is made of wheat berries, poppy seeds and honey, but very often walnuts, raisins, almonds and other dry fruits are added. As with many other dishes on this list, every family has its own special recipe, but you can be sure one thing. This is going to be one epic cake. Last on the list is Christmas compote, a non-alcoholic drink made of dry fruits plums, apricots, and apples cooked in a water with sugar. Polish Christmas Eve dinner In Poland, the 24th of December is probably the most important day of Christmas and therefore the most effort goes into the preparation of the Christmas Eve dinner.

Traditional Christmas soups Christmas beetroot soup What is served that evening depends very much on the region, but there are also a lot of similarities. Christmas fish dishes The biggest star of the evening, and that can surprise many people, is carp.

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Holiday preparations include quiet evenings indoors making decorations out of nuts, grains, straw, and paper. Polish people also spend time making gifts to give to family and friends as well as preparing foods to give as gifts to celebrate the season. Church attendance is common, with people attending morning roraty Mass before sunrise.

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  5. Roraty means "heaven, drop the morning dew," which involves asking for blessings with the arrival of a new day. Lighting candles is an important part of these services to symbolize the birth of Jesus and the light this brought to the world. The Polish people consider Christmas Eve the most important day of the year. The focus of this day centers on awaiting and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

    In Latin, the word "vigilare" means "to wait. Christmas Eve dinner in Poland is called Wigilia. This dinner traditionally includes 12 different meatless dishes, such as mushroom soup, fish, potatoes, cabbage, and pastries. Typically, women in the family prepare the meal and men and children decorate the Christmas tree. They may incorporate hay into the Christmas decor to symbolize the birth of Jesus in the manger. Families often set an extra place at their table to include family members not present.

    After sunset, the youngest child in the family has the task of spotting the first star in the night sky. With the appearance of this star, families light candles and begin their Wigilia traditions. Families partake of the meal and then exchange gifts and sing Christmas carols together. At midnight, they attend Mass. Families generally spend time together, perhaps visiting in each other's homes.

    The Christmas dinner may consist of ham or kielbasa. This is why you will see such a rich variety of recipes based on root vegetables, dried mushrooms from the forest, fruit from the orchard, fish from the sea, and pierogi from flour from the field. To start the Polish Christmas Eve meal, friends, family, and neighbors will gather around the table for the unique Polish ceremony--the breaking of bread--as a symbol of love, friendship, and forgiveness. They typically use a white, transparent communion wafer called oplatek.

    Centuries ago, feudal-estate masters would forget the feudal order by inviting the servants to join them in this emotional dinner celebration -- uniting friends, enemies, the sick, poor, and lonely. To honor this Polish Christmas tradition, make sure you don't forget to add an extra place on the table for the lonely traveler who may knock on the door or for loved ones who are far away but may want to join their families in spirit.

    After the breaking of bread, many Poles celebrate Christmas Eve by starting the Wigilia meal with warming beet root beet or sweet almond soup, as well as some dishes using vegetables from the field such as sauerkraut, stuffed kohlrabi, and potatoes. The main dish is usually whole carp or pike and a steaming platter of sauerkraut and meatless pierogies. The meal ends with dried fruit compote and honey cookies or a poppy seed roll.

    Poppy seeds are always included as a symbol of peaceful sleep, and honey for sweetness and contentment. In the United States, it can be difficult to find fresh carp or pike, so substitutes are more common. In either country, a Polish Christmas will always have a seemingly endless array of appetizers, garnishes, and accompaniments.

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    Traditionally the Wigilia meal featured 12 dishes representing the 12 apostles , but today the number of dishes is typically determined by the number of guests. We have a list of Wigilia recipes below, some common, and some recipes not so common. Note that heated saurkraut and dried fruit compote is not listed, since both are pretty easy to make. But, we recommend to add them too! Start your Polish Christmas Eve dinner with Borscht Barszcz , a soup that dates back to the 16th century. If you are looking for a Borscht recipe to celebrate Wigilia, simply use a vegetable broth and omit the ham bone.

    Some also want just a broth. You can easily discard the veggies in the end and serve just the broth as well in this recipe.

    This is a classic Polish mushroom soup recipe that has a hearty mushroom flavor along with the subtle bite of barley. You can add more wild, dried mushrooms to increase the flavor. Also, just substitute the chicken stock for vegetable stock to make it meatless for Wigilia. Polish pan-fried fish fillets have a light, delicate flavor and crispy crust.

    Most of the fish the Polish pan fry are perch, carp, and other lake fish, but you can easily substitute any white fish for this Polish recipe. Try this Polish Beet sauce recipe as a side to any fried fish--a Polish favorite at many holiday meals.

    17 Classic Polish Recipes to Make for Wigilia

    This is a fabulous Polish fish recipe that was traditionally made with Haddock, which is very common in Poland, but you could substitute Haddock for any white fish I used cod. Polish Fish Soup Zupa rybna is traditionally made with the whole fish--the head, skin, and all. Instead, I decided to use filets to make it a bit easier to make. You can use cod, salmon, Tilapia, or any fish for this recipe. If you want to make a Christmas Polish, pierogi is a must. In our Piszczek family, we always serve Cabbage Mushroom pierogi since it has no meat or eggs.

    Pierogi are just boiled and topped with caramelized onions. For Christmas Day, Potato and Farmer's cheese pierogi is enjoyed, topped with caramelized onions and bacon and dipped in sour cream. Instead of doing a rice dish, or any grain, try roasted buckwheat with mushrooms and caramelized onions. Just leave out the bacon for the true Wigilia celebration.

    The Polish love a variety of fish dishes, especially on Christmas Eve for Wigilia. This baked cod recipe is a healthy alternative to fried fish and offers a tad of spices to give it a Mediterranean kick.

    Wigilia traditions! (Polish Christmas Eve)

    Again, we use cod but any fish will work. Sauerkraut with Noodles Lazanki. This is a surprisingly flavorful Polish dish with simple ingredients called Lazanki. Some say that Bona Sforza, the Polish Queen from Italy, helped introduce this cabbage and noodles recipe to Poland in the s.