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Therefore, Plato builds an unfavourable model of mimesis. In addition to Plato, his most outstanding pupil, Aristotle, agrees with his tutor on the principle that poetry, as a form of the representative arts, is mimetic. However, Aristotle postulates that mimesis, which denotes imitation, further proposes the notion of interpretation.

Moreover, mimesis, Aristotle believes, is a natural part of man since man is an imitative being. In addition to this, mimesis for Aristotle is an important component of the process of education.

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Western critical heritage, particularly the English, is mimetic. Sir Philip Sidney, as a representative of the sixteenth-century English writer and statesman, translates the classical notion of mimesis into his own practise. Sidney foregrounds the idea of interpretation that mimesis signifies. Coleridge interpret mimesis in their cultural epoch. This study, therefore, makes an analytical reading of the meaning of the term mimesis starting from the classical examples and ending with twentieth-century interpretations. Auerbach, Erich. Willard Trask trans.

Princeton: Princeton UP. Carli, Silvia. Coleridge, Samuel Taylor.

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Biographia Literaria. Ernest Rhys ed. London: J. In November the queen was finally persuaded to assist the struggle of the Dutch against their Spanish masters, sending them a force led by the earl of Leicester.

Sidney - the Critical Heritage

Sidney was made governor of the town of Flushing Dutch: Vlissingen and was given command of a company of cavalry. But the following 11 months were spent in ineffective campaigns against the Spaniards, while Sidney was hard put to maintain the morale of his poorly paid troops. On September 22, , he volunteered to serve in an action to prevent the Spaniards from sending supplies into the town of Zutphen.

The supply train was heavily guarded, and the English were outnumbered; but Sidney charged three times through the enemy lines, and, even though his thigh was shattered by a bullet, he rode his horse from the field.

Sidney: The Critical Heritage

He was carried to Arnhem, where his wound became infected, and he prepared himself religiously for death. In his last hours he confessed:. There came to my remembrance a vanity wherein I had taken delight, whereof I had not rid myself. It was the Lady Rich.

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The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and scholars throughout Europe issued memorial volumes in his honour, while almost every English poet composed verses in his praise. He won this adulation even though he had accomplished no action of consequence; it would be possible to write a history of Elizabethan political and military affairs without so much as mentioning his name.

It is not what he did but what he was that made him so widely admired: the embodiment of the Elizabethan ideal of gentlemanly virtue. Sir Philip Sidney. Article Media. History of the Peloponnesian War Revised Edition. Crime and Punishment Penguin Classics. Pride and Prejudice Penguin Classics. The Canterbury Tales Penguin Classics. Beowulf A Verse Translation. The Iliad Penguin Classics. The Histories Penguin Classics.

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