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Sadly, Dad passed away in from a stroke and we all lived up on my folks' five-acre farm then where I raised Arabian horses and grew orchids, so eventually Mom sold the farm south of Everett and moved down here to Oregon City to her mobile home park where she's lived for fifteen years. Mom was thrilled to win Best Novice Grower and I got some photos of her at our show. With the money won on this award I purchased another small Dendrobium hybrid, similar parentage, which now shares the windowsill above her kitchen sink with 'Little Joe'.

It has blooms in her favorite color--hot pink. I remember the place and time vividly.


I was at Kasch's Garden center in Portland Oregon and the year was They had a little atrium greenhouse off of the main store and they had a lot of different various house plants and succulents for sale, they also had an orchid. It was a truly fascinating plant and I had never seen one before. It only had one flower, but what a flower. It looked fake. It looked like it belonged on another planet. The plant itself was also far different from anything I had ever seen before.

It had dark green leaves with a rectangular light green tessellation over the surface as if to camouflage it. The stem for the one lone flower was very round, sturdy, and was as straight as a engineered pole. It was also covered in bristly white hairs. The flower itself was very strange in form and appeared to have only four main parts. It had what I later learned to be a dorsal sepal that was white with dark green stripes radiating from the base and getting smaller and fading at the edge. The Petals stood out at the sides as if they were going to embrace someone.

They were green with darker green protuberances at the top edge from which white hairs grew out of as if from a wart. The final significant part looked like a cup. It was pouch shaped and very glossy green, in fact the whole flower was quite glossy and gave the appearance of having been cut out of wax and hand crafted by a master artist.

I was awestruck by this strange thing and, knowing still nothing about orchids or how to grow them, I bought it. I later learned that it had a name called Paphiopedilum Maudiae.

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It was also an albinistic variety as the normal type of Paphiopedilum would have lavender or reddish tones to the flower as well as the leaves. New registered hybrids have a rule that they cannot be Latinized, however when orchid breeding was just beginning in the late 's they Latinized all of the orchid names. Paphiopedilum Maudiae is a man made hybrid which was registered in It is quite possible that my first orchid was a division of that plant and therefore technically 77 years old when I bought it.

I was hooked on orchids and within a few weeks I had tracked down five other plants and had bought them.

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I found a old orchid grower who had a greenhouse packed with orchids named Henry O'Brien. He was very helpful in showing me how to care for my new addiction, and before long I had built a small greenhouse of my own. I had in the space of a year well over plants and I seemed to be fascinated with every one of them. I found a local orchid society called the Oregon Orchid Society and joined it. They had monthly meetings with quite interesting speakers. I remember one name Don Wimber who specialized in developing a chromosome changing treatment of seedlings in order to make them more breedable.

After many years of growing and appreciating the orchids a friend of mine, who was a orchid judge, suggested that I join the judging system. I was hesitant at first as I knew the requirements were numerous. It takes six years to become a accredited orchid judge. You have to attend a minimum of eight judging's a year and submit at least six homework assignments a year as well as attend two business meetings and seminars. Anyway I decided to give it a go, in part because the orchid judges were, I felt, looked up to, and also because I wanted to learn more about orchids.

Now many years later when I am myself advising students I tell them that they should not worry about the six years, that after three years they will become probationary judges whose judging scores will count. Having been frustrated about the inaccessibility of orchids in the beginning, I had also decided to start a small business importing, growing and selling orchids. I ran the company as a small part time operation for a few years and then expanded it into a larger full time company called Clackamas Orchids, Inc.

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