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All souls trilogy, to be made into a Brit TV show with young magneto, and a complete reinvention of the vampire, basically going to the small screen with the GoT model i. And how many episodes per year? How many hours does that make? Daddy can I rent Twilight? You got it! I have to disagree…but I love Vampires.

I think that Vampire movies started to suck when the vampires themselves started having weapons, doing karate and being able to walk in the light. Perhaps I am a classical vampire lover of sorts.

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I do agree though, that your choice of good Vampire films are spot on. Lot of good some obvious truth here. Fact is tho, the key to ANY story is its originality. If there is such a thing as a totally new twist on the vampire theme, one that avoids the tired cliches mentioned, then you have a GOOD vampire story. There are themes and actual historical anecdotes that no author has touched yet I am trying in a work in progress and these can be hammered on the creative anvil to produce a new theme.

Selling it, of course, is an entirely different article! Meeting nonfiction deadlines means that you write whether your muse is crooning in your ear or has departed for exotic ports and left no forwarding address. Never mind that your daughter forgot her piano book, the dog threw up on the carpet and a really crabby customer decided to unload on you right before you got off work. Get it written, or you may never write for that editor again. I agree that most vampire stories should be staked through the heart and buried in their coffins.

However, I recently listened to George R. Just my humble opinion. A saturated market is a saturated market no matter how you tweak the characters. For instance, my story is about a large group of Americans who were outcast when the government made them illegal.

Southern Vampire Mysteries – Shaggin the Muse

This is how they banned together to build their own community away from society, and how they struggled to survive, while dealing with being ostracized. Do you really think that in RL ppl jump to the V conclusion right off? Is there a love story? This particular version really stepped outside of the mold on the story. First, the vampire infestation is treated by the CDC.

Second, the bodily fluids travel in the opposite direction. Definitely the first season is based off vampires, in my humble opinion, down to the fact that the contagion is an attempt by a group of powerful immortals to increase their power in the world. Great stuff.

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Probably both. I loved Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice and all her vampire and witches books. What is your take on the Anne Rice vampire? I find her vampires suave and sexy. Please respond. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Fast-forward to present: their impossibly pale, perfectly sculpted faces and delicate fangs adorn best-selling book covers and box-office hit movie posters.

This is quite the makeover, and these vampires have myriad horror and romance authors, as well as scriptwriters and directors, to thank for their drastic change in fortunes. The modern day vampire originated in literature, long before movies, television shows, and online fan groups. This tale of an orphaned but affluent gentleman visiting London, who meets and befriends Lord Ruthven the vampire set the scene for future vampire fiction, converting the heretofore mindless creature into a being of intelligence and sophistication.

Lord Byron is often inaccurately credited as the author of this work, as Polidori was his personal physician and accompanied Byron on his trip to Lake Geneva with Percy and Mary Shelley. This new rendition of vampirism continued in serial publications such as Varney the Vampire written by James Malcolm Rymer in It was quite long, somewhere around pages, and detailed the adventures of Varney, a Victorian gentleman who wreaked havoc on women, families, societies, and often himself. Another important work is Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla, written in , which features a vampirical Austrian countess who preys on young women.

Stoker drew from many previous vampire novels to create his own Count Dracula, the ghastly gentleman who lives in a Transylvanian castle and is eventually destroyed by vampire slayer van Helsing.

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Marilyn Ross technically W. Daniel Ross writing under a female pseudonym later wrote the Barnabas Collins series in —71, based on the Dark Shadows TV series, which set the trend of vampires as tragic heroes rather than as the epitome of evil. More recently, author Anne Rice has been generally regarded as the reigning queen of vampire literature. Her highly popular and influential Vampire Chronicles — detail the escapades of Lestat and Louis, two vampires living in New Orleans, and progress to illustrate dozen or so other vampire characters spanning the globe and the centuries- many of whom possess their own book: The Vampire Lestat, The Vampire Armand, Vittorio the Vampire, and Pandora are a few examples.

Less teen-oriented, but similarly popular is Laurell K. Louis who also happens to be a necromancer and human servant of the master vampire of the city. Deviating from traditional vampire lore, J. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series holds vampires to be of an entirely different species than humans, and to require the blood of the opposite sex in order to survive. These vampires live fairly normal childhoods, until they undergo a transition in their twenties which leaves them unable to bear sunlight.

The series follows the adventures of six vampire brothers who defend their race against humans who have lost their souls. Kim Harrison's The Hollows series takes an alternate history approach, where a virus inside a genetically modified tomato wiped out a quarter of the human race. As a result of this pandemic, various paranormal and occult beings, such as vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, etc.

Mary Janice Davidson has created a highly popular comical series about a woman who- all on her thirtieth birthday- loses her job, gets killed in a car crash, and then wakes up in the funeral home to discover that she is somehow queen of the vampires. In the past three years, however, a new author by the name of Stephenie Meyer has held captive an enormous teen and even adult audience with her wildly popular Twilight series.

Perhaps one of the most realistic and relatable of modern vampire stories, it follows the life of Bella Swan after she moves to a small and rainy Oregon town and encounters — in her high school, posing as a student- hundred-year-old vampire Edward Cullen. Its like Romeo and Juliet without the sad ending and the indecipherable Shakespearean writing. Following this, an additional nineteen books on this list were paranormal romances.

Vampires in television and movies have followed doggedly along with literary trends- often, some of the most popular vampire novels have been turned into hit shows and films. The plot is more or less the same, with only slight deviations from the original novel. One of the most well known vampire movies, more prominently also a T. The movie, produced in , is a parody about a cheerleader destined to kill vampires, and has been deemed of little importance in light of the highly popular T.

The Emmy Award-winning and Golden Globe-nominated show spanned six years, and usually reached between four and six million viewers on original airings. The show takes a darker and more serious approach to the movie, and follows Buffy through high school troubles and battles with evil vampires bent on unleashing Hell upon her hometown of Sunnydale. Fans of Buffy say that the combination of reality and fantasy is the main attraction. Donald Godfree, a year-old nursing student at Florida Community College Jacksonville, has followed the television series through its many seasons. It was like being a teenager and experiencing escapism all at the same time.

Queen of the Damned managed to top the box office, despite a lukewarm reaction from fans, and poor reviews from critics. Ironically, he swears vengeance against his own race and becomes a vampire hunter, eventually dealing with an inter-vampire feud about those of pure blood and those who were merely created. If they walked the Earth at all, they inhabited the night.

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But the coffins and long black capes are gone. The destructive haunting is over. And forget about menacing the living — these days, the dead are just like us.

The Vampire's Muse

Hollywood's dead, circa , wear jeans, type obsessively on their BlackBerries and fret over relationship woes. The soundtrack has sold , copies before the film has even hit theaters. But mostly, it has arguably the most passionate fan base of any literary adaptation since Harry Potter. Anthony Masters, author of The Natural History of the Vampire, is less than complimentary on the vampires of modern day. It is much more likely for your twentieth-century vampire to be a pallid-faced little man with a greasy tie and carpet slippers living in the suburbs than a Gothic monster. Joan Gordon and Veronica Hollinger.

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