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The details are what distinguish us, define us and drive us. The truth is inherently inside us and determines how we approach our work. Together, this is what makes us special over average. The details are what makes us, us. The details are our truth. A distinct example is our premium copper hardware. Used in workwear since , copper hardware has been around for almost as long as jeans have. We add a black satin powder coating, which gives a luxurious and modern twist to a nostalgic classic. We now make our coin pockets as 7-point, as a subtle nod to tradition.

So go ahead and fill your pockets with treasures and memories. We know they can handle it. Credit: Getty. The great Cascadia earthquake of shook the coasts of what are now British Columbia, Washington and Oregon so violently that afterwards, entire forests stood below sea level. Now scientists have found similarities between the Cascadia event and other huge quakes that help to illuminate the seismic danger facing the region. Erin Wirth and Arthur Frankel at the US Geological Survey in Seattle, Washington, developed a model to describe ground movement during the Cascadia quake, which is estimated to have been a magnitude 9 — as large as a earthquake in Tohoku, Japan that killed roughly 20, people.

The most accurate scenario exhibited features of the Japanese quake and a magnitude During both, parts of the Earth deep within the fault zone trembled at high frequencies, radiating energy that shook the ground above. If the Cascadia fault were to generate a quake similar to the one in , then officials might want to prepare for high-energy shaking in some areas near the fault.

Predators such as grey wolves tend to roam greater distances than their prey, according to a broad study of terrestrial mammals. Which land animal has the longest migration? Biologists have long suspected that caribou journey the farthest on their annual round trip, but hard evidence was lacking. They found that caribou Rangifer tarandus do indeed migrate the farthest between their summer and winter ranges, with some herds covering more than 1, kilometres in a round trip.

But the prize for most kilometres covered in a year went to another mammal: the grey wolf Canis lupus. The absolute champion was a male from Mongolia that covered a jaw-dropping 7, km in a single year. In general, predators covered more ground than their prey. Sadly, human manipulation of landscapes has broken or truncated many ancient migrations. The researchers call for the conservation of these epic animal journeys, as well as the species that undertake them.

A night of inadequate sleep can trigger not only an overwhelming urge to nap, but also a rise in anxiety. In fact, when sleep-deprived, half of the study participants reported anxiety levels typically seen in people with clinical anxiety disorders.

And online surveys completed by a larger number of volunteers showed that ordinary fluctuations in nightly sleep quality predict next-day anxiety levels. The team also imaged the brains of the sleep-lab participants as they watched video clips designed to conjure up negative emotions. People who watched these videos after sleep deprivation showed less activity in the prefrontal cortex PFC , an area involved in emotional control, than they did when they were well-rested. Those with the greatest drops in PFC activity reported the largest spikes in anxiety after an all-nighter.

More and higher-quality non-REM slow-wave sleep — often referred to as deep sleep — correlated with greater recovery of PFC activity and greater reductions in next-day anxiety. Nature Hum. Cargo ships berth in Qingdao, China. Ship traffic between China and the United States accounts for 2. Air pollution created by ocean freight shipping between the United States and China causes health problems in multiple countries around the northern Pacific Ocean — not just in the two trade partners.


A team led by Huan Liu and her colleagues at Tsinghua University in Beijing analysed goods shipped by sea between the two countries in , including US soya beans shipped to China and Chinese electronics shipped to the United States. The scientists also counted the number of ship journeys to calculate the amounts of greenhouse gases and air pollution emitted by the transportation of this cargo.

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Finally, the researchers modelled the path of particulates as they spread from ships through the atmosphere. The scientists calculated that in , US—China trade accounted for 2. Air pollution from the shipping also harmed the health of people in many countries, including Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. Nations can take these findings into account when deciding how to share responsibility for cutting emissions from shipping, the authors say.

Nature Sust. A scanning tunnelling microscope. By sensing slight fluctuations in the current, an STM can map surfaces with single-atom resolution. Each nickelocene molecule contains one nickel atom. The STM could detect this change as fluctuations in the current. Any laboratory that owns an atomic-resolution STM can easily employ the technique, Ternes says, and it could help to image exotic spin arrangements such as those called skyrmions. Science A common vampire bat wearing a lightweight sensor that allows researchers to track its social contacts.

Credit: Sherri and Brock Fenton. Much like many primates, vampire bats can form strong bonds with each other and often maintain these friendships even after being uprooted. To document this behaviour, Gerald Carter at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Simon Ripperger at the Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science in Berlin and their colleagues captured 17 female common vampire bats Desmodus rotundus from a colony living in a tree in Panama. The animals were kept in a lab and repeatedly denied food. This caused the bats to groom each other and share snacks of regurgitated blood, behaviours that signal cooperation and social bonding.

After 22 months, the 17 bats and their 6 captive-born daughters were equipped with sensors and released back to the original colony. The researchers observed that the females that had befriended one another in captivity generally preferred to roost closer to each other than to bats that had not been in the captive group. Not all of the relationships survived, however. And all of the lab-born bats left the original colony a few days after release, perhaps because they failed to integrate with the group.

Such batteries can be quickly replenished if heated to a toasty temperature.

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Credit: Chao-Yang Wang. Lithium batteries, which use lithium ions to create a current, charge slowly at room temperature. Charging can take two to three hours, making for a road trip that lasts far too long. But pre-heating the battery allows fast charging without plating. A battery charged at room temperature could only handle the fast charging for 60 cycles before its electrode became plated.

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The most acclaimed 2D carbon compound is the wonder material graphene, which consists of a sheet of carbon atoms just one atom thick. These atoms are linked together in hexagonal structures called rings, and researchers have predicted the existence of other 2D carbon compounds made of a mixture of hexagonal and nonhexagonal rings. But such compounds have eluded synthesis because they are prone to rearranging their bonds to form the more stable hexagonal configuration.

Michael Gottfried at Philipps University Marburg in Germany and his colleagues made ribbons of two 2D carbon compounds with nonhexagonal rings: one compound whose rings had 5, 6 or 7 carbon atoms, and another whose rings had 4, 5, or 7 carbon atoms. The team achieved this by coupling building blocks atop a gold surface.

The authors suggest that the materials could have quantum applications and that the coupling process could be used to synthesize undiscovered forms of 2D carbon. Bacterial TALE proteins could no longer activate the edited genes, and the team found that rice plants with these engineered genes were resistant to at least 95 Xoo strains.

Nature Biotechnol. HIV red infects an immune cell blue. Custom-designed immune cells can vanquish pockets of HIV hidden in the cells of people infected with the virus. Antiretroviral therapies keep HIV in check, but virus-laden cells persist in the body — forcing people with the virus to take the drugs for life. Such a therapy could allow patients to safely stop taking medication.

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The researchers opted to use CAR-T cells — immune cells that are engineered to home in on and destroy specific targets such as cancer cells. In tests on blood cells taken from people infected with HIV, the convertible CAR-T cells cut the amount of latent virus by more than half in just two days. Cell Lightning puts on a show in Oklahoma in A lightning bolt that split the skies above the state in covered a distance of more than kilometres.

A lightning-mapping instrument aboard one of the newest US weather satellites has spotted record-breaking electrical flashes in the sky — including a behemoth lightning bolt more than kilometres long that blazed above Oklahoma two years ago. The researchers identified a lightning flash that travelled more than kilometres — from Texas, across Oklahoma and into Kansas — in October It illuminated an area of 67, square kilometres.

But records will continue to be broken thanks to data from the GOES lightning mapper and a twin mapper on the GOES satellite, which was launched in Other scientists have already spotted a kilometre-long flash in GOES data.. Such extreme lightning might lead scientists to reconsider their understanding of how much electricity the atmosphere can generate.

Credit: Heikka Valja. Knots form not only in everyday items such as headphone wires, but also in less-tangible realms, from electromagnetic field lines to the quantum states of electrons in solids. Then, using a magnetic field, the scientists aligned the magnetic axis of the gas along curves that twist — like a skewed bundle of spaghetti — around a series of doughnut-shaped surfaces, which are nestled inside one another. The structure broke apart within a few milliseconds, and the atoms aligned themselves along a simpler, circular pattern called a vortex.

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The researchers speculate that this behaviour could occur across a range of phenomena that are similar to quantum knots in terms of their topology, the branch of mathematics that studies knots and their multi-dimensional analogues. Even ball lightning — an atmospheric phenomenon that can last for more than half a minute and might draw its persistence from knotted electromagnetic fields — could, in principle, decay in a similar way. Surprising twists and turns in a piece of music can influence its appeal to the brain.

To identify the most rewarding type of music, a team led by Benjamin Gold at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, built a computer model to analyse songs quantitatively.