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A Cero nearly blew it apart, causing Orihime to whimper. Rukia took out her Soul Candy dispenser from her shirt, and popped the pill into her mouth. She became separated from the gigai, and looked back at the mod soul Chappy. Full of panic, fear, and rage Rukia chased after the Hollow that was running from the scene. If Ichigo was in his Shinigami form, the blast of the Cero wouldn't have done as much damage. But since he hadn't separated himself from his human body She pointed at the Hollow, blue electricity forming around her fingers.

It howled and crashed into the ground.

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Rukia landed with grace nearby, drawing out her Zanpakuto. Sode no Shirayuki! Tsugi no mai - Hakuren! Before it could even react Rukia stood there, breathing heavily. Her chest was tight and her mind was racing. Trying to ignore that, she began to make her way back to Orihime's apartment, tears stinging her eyes. He opened his eyes, groaning in his throat. To his surprise He looked around carefully, not wanting to make his arm hurt anymore.

There was an IV hooked up to him, a gauze carefully placed over the needle. But that didn't matter. He still paled. There's a needle in me. There's a needle in me! His right arm And, from the pain that screamed from it when he moved it Not only that Ichigo carefully sat up in the bed, grunting from the pain his entire body suffered. He felt his torso, and noticed that it felt bruised.

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I didn't get out of my body I took the Cero full on Entering the room was Uryu's dad. You're awake. That's good. Looks like that Inoue girl's periodic healing is helping out. He headed over to the bed, a clipboard in hand. LOADS of it. Guess I need to refill your morphine. If you would, please look away.

The Uncertain Heart (Harlequin Romance, #2518)

Your idiot father told me you're terrified of needles. He waited tensely as he heard Ryuken do his work. He winced and bit his lip to silent a scream. But when the NEW needle was stuck into his arm He let out a blood curdling scream and arched his body upward. He felt the gauze being placed over the needle and he flinched.

All done. I'll go tell your friend that you can have visitors. She's been bothering me all day about it. Ichigo turned his head over to the new IV in his arm. He tried to glare at it, but the fact that it was a needle under that gauze just made him sickly pale. The door opened again. He faced who this visitor of his was. To his amazement She was still in that outfit she wore when he went to pick her up, but her hair was down and she looked like she hadn't slept in days.

She had a bag in her hands and she held on to it for dear life.

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  • Ichigo smiled weakly at her, not wanting her to worry too much. I'm sure it hasn't been a few hours. I always do something to knock me flat on my ass for a while. Only you.

    The Uncertain Heart (Harlequin Romance, #) by Sheila Douglas

    Once I saw Inoue making process with healing you I was feeling better. Sue me. I don't have the money to do that. You don't. I've almost died hundreds of times! I don't think something like a Cero will kill me. It was so full of panic and hurt that his heart just wanted to break. She looked away from him, wiping at her eyes. He gently set his hand on her arm, and stroked it with his thumb.

    I'm fine. You're in awful shape!

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    You're stuck in a hospital having to be hooked up to a needle and Inoue has to come heal you when she can! You almost died! What the hell were you thinking?! But he kept himself calm, and closed his eyes. I didn't want you to get hurt, so I got you out of the way. I never thought about what would happen to me. I never do. I worry about the safety for others over my own. Especially yours. Don't think I really know how to. Then, she shook her head as she smiled and rubbed her eyes. I guess you're MY idiot. She stared at him with almost a motherly stare. Then, she leaned in towards him carefully.

    Ichigo felt his heart about to explode and his face burn up.

    And when her lips made contact with his He closed his eyes again, gripping blindly at her soft hair. He felt her tiny hands around his face, gently caressing it. She moved her lips innocently and timidly - Ichigo did the same. It was safer that way for the moment, since he was in pretty bad shape. The kiss didn't last long, but it was amazing nonetheless.

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    Ichigo reopened his eyes, staring at Rukia with softness. She was staring at him back with the same softness. One of her hands brushed back his hair, so she could lean in and kiss his forehead. She slid off the bed, setting the bag on a table near the bed. And your PSP. I'm not sure how well you'll be able to play it with one hand. That was very thoughtful. He thought he'd never hear her say those words. But, he figured, because he almost 'died' Just like his did every time she was hurt or when she had left.

    He smiled and rested his jawline on his left fist. You love a moron like me? How do you do it? Guess I'm just a natural. I'm so sure. Let's share this. I bet you'd like to have some. She laid down next to the IV stand, and started opening the wrapping. Ichigo laid down for the third time today, wriggling his IV arm under her neck. Rukia giggled and blushed as she broke off a piece of the chocolate.