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What follows is basically a re-do of an old episode of House , with our heroes working out that more exposure to the spores is the only way to help Stamets, which happens to be against medical advice. The whole scene is odd, but honestly — how many people go from awkward negotiations to fighting to peaceful compromise within minutes, all in the same scene?

'Star Trek: Discovery' recap: S1, Ep. 11 - The Wolf Inside

The meeting over, the rebels agree to flee so they can fight another day, and Tyler and Burnham return to the evil version of the Shenzhen. Once again, an actor does sterling work with a thankless task: Shazad Latif Clem Fandango of Toast of London , of course really goes for it with the Klingon language and accent, and just about gets away with it.

Still, his sudden heel turn and ranting about the glories of the Klingon empire feels odd and out-of-nowhere. When he and Burnham fight, is he really about to kill her? Burnham saves him, however, beaming him into space then straight back to the Discovery, where the episode wraps up with his arrival there with Burnham having sequestered a fancy USB drive on his person with the data the Discovery needs. Everything feels shuffled, jumbled, out of order: characters react to things at odd times, like no living human would.

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REVIEW: “The Wolf Inside”

Mirror Burnham would have killed Saru for walking in unannounced. I expected Georgiou to be the emperor. Mirror Sato grabbed power at the end of mirror darkly. I saw that coming from a mile a way too and really hope you are right that she and Sato are part of a dynasty ruling the Empire since Enterprise. We never assume all white people know each other or are related to each other.

Would we assume James T. Sato was a Japanese-American character played by a Korean-American actress with no accent in English, and Georgiou is a character of currently unknown ethnicity or nationality, with a Greek last name, played by a Malaysian actress of Chinese background, with a noticeable accent. Michelle Yeoh had some say in what she could bring to the room.

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O for gods sake get over yourself with the racist thing and the whole Asian analysis. People like you take yourself way to seriously. The defiant still exists in the mirror universe after nearly a century has passed. Or worse young and older versions. The actor playing 9 year old Anakin would never look like the 20 year old version from episode 2 and 3; let alone the 44 year old sith bald guy in episode 6. I know there are still naysayers out there but overall IMO Disco continues to evolve into a series that will deservedly join the rich legacy that is Star Trek.

No it is not perfect but I for the most part look for good writing and a level of care and commitment from the cast and crew, all things that seem pretty apparent over the first 11 episodes of season one. Until then, I plan to enjoy the Disco journey of the Federation struggling to get to that bright hopeful future. Because this is a potential past, there is room for them to play around with some bits of the cannon, coming up with potential backstory for some of what we know.

The people in this time period are real, rough diamonds.

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Yes, the Federation exists, but it is still very young and growing. They must have verified Tyler to use him in such a high profile way. If so, where is Mirror Tyler? They just transfer his consciousness into Mirror Tyler. It was sort of implied that the fact the Klingon houses were united and willing to work with other species was because they had a common enemy…and that might be the key to ending the war in the Prime Universe.

It makes me wonder if there will be a common enemy pop up. But they have very few episodes left to wrap up the war. How is it that Sarek is a prophet of the rebellion, while Spock will be a respectable officer of the empire in a decade? I wanted to see more than the goatee running in the family. Yes, that would have been interesting. I think in Enterprise, the MU Vulcans were slaves to the Terran Empire — but they also served onboard ships like the NX even though others were sowing the seeds for rebellion.

Maybe the real revelation is that Spock was either a rebel or sympathetic to the cause the whole time. Kirk gave him the last little push he needed to become more personally involved. Maybe the actions of the Discovery crew and their meeting with Mirror Sarek allow for some sort of reconciliation with the Empire. Maybe if Emperor Georgiou is killed, the incoming Emperor eases up on some of the xenophobic policies.

Star Trek: Discovery Review: "The Wolf Inside"

Or perhaps Spock just built up a unique relationship with MU Kirk, which allowed him to rise through the ranks. Prime Sarek wanted Spock to follow the ways of the Vulcans but Spock chose to join the academy. The same is true in the mirror universe. She let Sarek raise him on Vulcan, but knowing his human half, Spock felt compelled to follow in the Terran footsteps of his mother, or his mother raised him as a servant, and used her connections to get him into Starfleet.

I mean this stuff writes itself. Or did I imagine that? It felt to me that he smirked and then caught himself and stifled it.

Thats how it seemed to be played. And the close up would indicate his reaction was important. However, even if he is mirror Lorca he could be looking to overthrow the emperor because he supports the resistance making his desire to return to the MU more noble and even allowing the character to stay on as Discovery Captain in season 2. Did the ISS Buran venture into the prime universe and is that why Lorca blew it up and got away scott-free?

Third, even if the Buran was destroyed in both universes, maybe Lorca thinks he can bring back the USS Buran crew because of the mycelial network. Culber will somehow comeback through that same network. I think the writers underestimate a little the intelligence of the folks who love Trek.

There could be some sort of intelligence gathering mission as well. But my point it, that Lorca, as well as Stamets, unlike Kirk and the others Spock claimed could not so easily pass themselves off as their Prime counterparts in Mirror Mirror, have had a chance to study the environment they will infiltrate. Could just be a species thing. The only thing that I can guess that would seem especially important or significant to him is the Buran. Trek was about people working together.

Discovery is a war show that stole the Trek brand. I have to force myself to watch, hoping it will improve. There are interesting characters but the show does not know what to do with them. Well, this Trek is about people working together. Burnham recognized that quickly among the MU rebels as well. As far as the brand goes, its look is very much so what Nick Meyer did for WOK, generally credited with saving the movie franchise.

Hello Phil! Yes, sometimes the people work together, but mostly they argue. The look of the series is fabulous, absolutely.