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The carnal nature hates suffering. Suffering produces anger and anger predisposes people to rebel against authority in general and humanity in particular. On the other hand, pain has been used for centuries to force people into submission.

Since wicked people are not interested in a system of justice, torture is their best tool because it is a powerful force that drives a human being toward submission. We cannot totally appreciate the sufferings of Christ at the deeper level because our carnal nature has not been removed, but this will change. Patiently living among sinners and dealing with the selfishness, blindness and arrogance of the human heart was very hard — even for Jesus. However, Jesus was made perfect in patience through suffering.

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He faced the tenacious power and degenerate influence of sin every day. Jesus learned how to receive grace from God as it was needed each day, and this is how suffering perfected His patience. Patience is how Abraham and Sarah failed when they decided Abraham should have a son by Hagar. Patience is how Moses failed when he killed the Egyptian. He had to spend forty years herding sheep in the wilderness before God could use him. Patience is how Moses failed when he struck the rock twice and God refused to let Moses enter the promised land. Patience is the hardest thing on Earth to perfect!

Through faith in God and patience in suffering, Jesus overcame the world.

7 Things to Know before the Second Coming of Jesus

Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete [perfect] , not lacking anything. They will suffer most because a they will be the first to be sealed, and b they will have an overwhelming task to accomplish. Because they will have sinless natures, it will be painful for them to deal with the power and presence of sin. Their burden for souls, their frustration with the power of sin, and their love for Jesus and sinners will cause deep anguish within the , Like the shepherd looking for that one lost sheep, the , will exhaust every physical and emotional fiber in their being to find one last soul so that person can be saved from the jaws of sin.

If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword he will be killed. This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints. Because the , will faithfully endure the sufferings of Jesus with success, no other person will be able to sing their song. The sixth specification concerning the , is that no lie or falsehood will be found in their mouths.

Revelation Again, the topic of the , is like an iceberg — one third of this topic is above the water line and two-thirds are below. This particular specification goes far below the water line. In this sense, the , will be no different than anyone else going to Heaven! After the , are sealed, the Great Tribulation will begin with a global earthquake. The , will polarize the people of Earth with their speech. People who love truth will follow their lead.

People who hate truth will produce every reason why the , should be silenced. The , will fearlessly declare the Word of God regardless of personal consequences. Because they will not take up arms to fight and because they will not run from their post, their brazen actions will be stunning and relentless.


When the Pharisees and Sadducees went out in the desert to see John the Baptist, pretending to be interested in his revival message, John quickly detected their hypocrisy and deceit. They were not interested in his message, they were spies sent from the temple.

Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath? Produce fruit in keeping with repentance. John the Baptist was to the first advent what the , will be to the second advent. The , will not blunt the double edged sword of truth by compromising their message. The Great Tribulation will not be a time for soft peddling the gospel.

That day will be a valley of decision for multitudes. Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. Hopefully, a picture is forming in your mind and heart. They will deliver the testimony of Jesus without concern for their safety. They will proclaim the terms and conditions of salvation and their message will not be compromised or varnished. They will openly call sin by its right name and the Holy Spirit will work signs and wonders through them, confirming their divine message.

Looking forward at their fiery assignment, these words in Revelation 22 will be particularly potent because there will be many who will reject or attempt to deflect their testimony. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book. The Bible says the , will visibly wear the names of the Father and Son on their foreheads after they are taken to Heaven.

Revelation ; Revelation , 4 John does not indicate the names of the Father and Son are written on crowns which are worn on their foreheads, although that might be possible. Notice these two texts:. There are levels of authority in Heaven. For example, there are seven powerful angels that stand before God. Luke We know that Lucifer was anointed as a guardian cherub and he wore beautiful stones signifying his high rank.

Ezekiel , 14 The , will also be highly exalted after they are taken to Heaven. Their exalted position will be noticed every time we look on their faces. We have a similar way of exalting authority on Earth. Military officers have worn their rank on their foreheads hats and helmets for centuries. Field grade officers in the United States military are distinguished above lower grades by the gold webbing that is located on the brims of their hats.

This gold webbing is designed to be visible at a distance because a field grade officer merits a higher level of attention and respect from his subordinates. Many Christians tend to overlook the importance of the names of the Father and Son written on the foreheads of the , This specification is highly important because there is an evil parallel. The Bible indicates the devil will establish his kingdom on Earth during the sixth trumpet. After killing one-third of mankind, he will require his loyal survivors to wear a mark.

This calls for wisdom. His number is The mark of the beast is worn on the right hand or on the forehead. The parallel is obvious. Satan will counterfeit the , with , of his own servants. Of course, the , will not wear the signatures of the Father and Son on their foreheads before they go to Heaven, but they will be highly exalted after they get to Heaven for declaring the truth about the devil and his deceptions under most distressing circumstances.

Throughout eternity, the saints will see the , and each time we see them, we will remember their total devotion and sacrifices for the calling of Jesus. Note: If, out of curiosity, you have jumped over the other specifications to read this one first, I hope you will be sure to read the other seven specifications in their order because there is a progressive order to this presentation on the , The Bible clearly indicates that the , will be Jews, coming from the twelve tribes of Israel.

There is an important difference between being a member of the Jewish race and being a Jew. The bottom line is this: The , will be descendants of Abraham! But, the , will not necessarily be members of the Jewish race. The , will come from every race of people! Furthermore, the Bible says the numberless multitude that go through the great tribulation will come from all nations, kindreds, tongues and people.

God promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations and Revelation 7 affirms this! Because the numberless multitude will be multinational, the firstfruits of the same harvest the , will be multinational. Remember, firstfruits are a sample of the coming harvest! There is no question that the , will come from the twelve tribes of Israel.

The Sevens (7) of the Bible and Prophetic Time

The problem that many Christians do not understand is the identity of Israel. The New Testament teaches that God redefined Israel at the end of the seventieth week when it became evident that Israel would not accept His Son and fulfill their calling as a holy nation of priests. When the seventy weeks expired, the apostle Paul was converted A. Through the revelations God gave him, we have confirmation of this truth.